cstore-caseys-320x250The C-Store is firmly engrained In today’s 24/7 world as a one-stop-shop for busy consumers. High levels of continuous traffic take a toll on your c-store retail assets, necessitating more frequent resets than in that experienced in a traditional retail environment.

Division21 currently serves dozens of regional and national c-store chains. We’ve developed a best-in-class group of subcontractors who understand that they represent your brand promise when they work in your locations. Not only are they skilled in their craft, they understand how to properly interface with your customers during the reset process.


hospitality-laquinta-320x250As people travel more for business and personal reasons, maintaining a “new” look and feel is very important. It is expensive to attract a new guest and the appearance of your location is critical to generating positive word-of-mouth and return visits.

Division21’s “tight-area logistics” makes use of in-house and nearby storage to move-in and deploy new fixtures and decor, and remove the old, in many cases, without your guests knowing that a remodel is in process.


retail-tmobile-320x250Competition is fierce in the retail space and consumers are fickle. That’s why maintaining or changing your decor package is a key component of staying ahead and keeping your customers in the mood to buy.

Division21 has rolled-out hundreds of retail decor packages across thousands of locations. We work when your customers are not in your locations and make use of temporary barriers to protect your merchandise.


Hospital MRI - VAHealthcare is one of the most challenging and regulated environments that we serve. Due to the many healthcare options available, patient service is key to your success.

Our healthcare team understands the nuances of patient-facility interaction and will implement your remodel or build-out to maximize the number of patients you can serve and increasing your return on investment.


restaurant-starbucks-320x250According to the National Restaurant Association, 9 out of 10 consumers enjoy going to restaurants and spend $1,071 per capita each year doing so. A fresh physical dining environment is just as important as the food you serve, which creates a satisfying experience for your guests.

Division21 will make your reset plans a reality and keep your guests coming back for more.


cstore-caseys-320x250Just as in the other areas mentioned above, public/government spaces are important when serving tax payers. Smart governmental officials know that, in the long-term, their agency’s interactions with the public will affect their funding. Also, federal, state, and local set-asides can reduce the field of available building and remodeling contractors.

Division21 is an SDVOSB-Certified entity with solid expertise in the construction and remodeling of public & government spaces.